Work History for Transalta Utilities

1994 - 1997TransAlta Utilities, Calgary, Alberta

Contract Programmer Analyst

Started with support of in-house (TAU) built Human Resources Information System, built with/on Corvision (4GL) version 4.50. Started Contract with no Corvison experience when TAU could not find anyone with experience. As Corvision and other HRIS work reduced with TAU transition to SAP, supported several other legacy VMS systems (many of which were being fazed out, or replaced by SAP or Lotus Notes)

Environment Summary:

VAX/VMS, MS DOS 5, Windows 3.1, Macintosh System 7, Windows 95, NT Server, Corvision version 4.50, Powerhouse, SmartStar, Datatrieve, RDB, SQL, COBOL (with embedded SQL), C, BASIC, VMS DCL, FileMaker (Mac and Win95), Unix, Oracle, IGDS EDG, tar, Microsoft Word, Excel, All-In-One, Lotus Notes, Corel Draw, VISIO, Meeting Maker, SmarTerm 420 and 340, LSE, VMS Debug