Résumé for H. Phil Duby

For short and long versions of the résumé see philduby.doc and philduby_l.doc for microsoft Word format; philduby.pdf and philduby_l.pdf for adobe PDF format.

Goals and Direction

I have a lot of experience with older technology and main frame systems.  I am working on transitioning that knowledge to newer technology and web applications development.  My latest experience is with Visual Studio and .NET 1.0.


27 years in application and system software design, development, testing, installation, support, and documentation.  Duties have included: system and database management and administration; training users on new packages and developers on new tools; interfacing with user communities to determine system requirements; translating requirements into program specifications; converting software between computer systems and programming languages; developing, documenting, and testing programs from specifications.  This covers a wide range of applications, programming languages, development tools, databases, computer environments, and company cultures.

Personal Information

Volunteered for two years teaching junior high students in a computer club.  I have a fascination with Nanotechnology and follow advances in the science and technology closely.  Reading Science Fiction is my way of kicking back and relaxing.  I enjoy Shadowrun (pen and paper) RPG. Some other interests: Genealogy, Environment, Space, Digital Photograph.